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The structural and functional properties of arginine kinase (AK) in alkaline conditions in the absence or presence of salt have been investigated. The conformational changes of AK during alkaline unfolding and salt-induced folding at alkaline pH were monitored using intrinsic fluorescence emission, binding of the fluorescence probe(More)
Four AP2/EREBP genes encoding putative ethylene-responsive element binding factor (ERF)/AP2 domains were cloned from Brassica napus, and these genes could be induced by low temperature, ethylene, drought, high salinity, abscisic acid and jasmonate treatments. These four genes, named BnDREBIII-1 to BnDREBIII-4, were highly homologous and the 37th amino acid(More)
The suadea salsa full-length S-adenosylmethionine synthetase (SsSAMS2) was introduced into tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) by Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. The gene transformation and expression in tobacco were confirmed by PCR, RT-PCR and Northern blotting analysis. Several transgenic lines (ST lines) overexpressing SsSAMS2 gene under(More)
We have previously identified two homologous groups of BnDREBs in Brassica napus, the trans-active BnDREBI and the trans-inactive BnDREBII, which provided an ideal system to study the trans-activation of DREB1/CBF. Deletion analysis indicated that the two additional regions in BnDREBI contributed little to the transcriptional activity. Domain swapping(More)
UNLABELLED To further investigate the mechanism of the plant tolerance to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infection, tobacco NC89 (N) hypersensitive to TMV and its natural mutant Yuyan8 (Y) with tolerance to TMV were employed for differential accumulation proteome analysis. There were 260 specifically accumulated proteins in Yuyan8 after 24 h inoculation (Yd),(More)
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