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[A new strategy to establish a hepatopulmonary syndrome model in rats by inducing abdominal compartment syndrome in the presence of cirrhosis].
OBJECTIVE To find a practical method to establish hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) in rats for use as an experimental model system. METHODS Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were equally divided into aExpand
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Effects of Cd2+ ions on root anatomical structure of four rice genotypes.
Root anatomical structures of four rice breeding materials (maintainer lines YixiangB and E2B, restorer lines R892 and Mianhui725), grown under different Cd2+ levels, were observed and the rootExpand
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[Lung expression of tissue factor mRNA and its significance in a rat model of hepatopulmonary syndrome].
OBJECTIVE To determine the lung expression of tissue factor (TF) mRNA in hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) using a rat model system and to investigate the potential significance of its differentialExpand
[Characteristics and Influencing factors of Sperm Interaction with Exogenous DNA].
Exogenous DNA localization and the frequency of spermatozoa carrying exogenous DNA after sperm/DNA co-culture are key to a successful sperm mediated-gene transfer (SMGT). In the study, theExpand
[Application of serum total IgE, tryptase and chymase in the identification of death caused by drug anaphylactic shock].
OBJECTIVE To explore the application value of serum total IgE, tryptase and chymase in the identification of death caused by drug anaphylactic shock. METHODS The general information from 235 casesExpand
Evolutionary Composite Attribute Clustering
In this paper, we propose a GA-based clustering method for composite-attribute clustering and feature selection. Expand
Subcutaneous nephro-vesical bypass in the treatment of ureteral obstruction
Objective To sum up the experiences on treating ureteral obstruction in patients with terminal tumor by subcutaneous nephro-vesical bypass.Methods A total of 16 subcutaneous prosthetic ureters wereExpand
Lactobacillus casei DBN023 protects against jejunal mucosal injury in chicks infected with Salmonella pullorum CMCC-533.
  • Yuying Wang, X. Yan, +4 authors Yunfei Ma
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  • 1 December 2019
Pullorum disease is one of the most serious poultry diseases. Antibiotic prophylaxis is commonly applied in actual production, but the emergence of drug-resistant strains and drug residues threatensExpand