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Thyroid cancer 1 (TC1, C8orf4) plays important roles in many signaling pathways, such as Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, and is involved in the development of many cancers. The objective of this study was to examine the expression of TC1 and investigate the associations among TC1, β-catenin, Chibby, cyclin D1, and the clinicopathological factors of oral(More)
Five bis-cyclometalated iridium complexes with tifluoromethyl-substituted 2-phenylpyridine (ppy) at different positions of its phenyl group as the main ligands and tetraphenylimidodiphosphinate (tpip) as the ancillary ligand, 2-6 (1 is a trifluoromethyl-free complex), were prepared, and their X-ray crystallography, photoluminescence, and electrochemistry(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate diagnostic utility of Dishevelled-3 (DVL-3) mRNA and δ-catenin mRNA expression in pleural effusions of patients with lung cancer. METHODS DVL-3 mRNA and δ-catenin mRNA levels were assessed by performing RT-PCR on pleural effusion specimens from patients with lung cancer (n = 75) and with lung benign disease (n = 51). RESULTS The(More)
Hemolymphangioma is a malformation of both lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. Splenic hemolymphangioma is extremely rare. Herein, we present a case of 62-year-old woman with ambiguous upper quadrant abdominal pain for two months who was found to have an occupying lesion in the spleen on computed tomography. She was eventually diagnosed with(More)
Yb3+-doped silicate glasses were prepared at high temperature, which had a small non-linear refractive index coefficient n2 (1.62), lower transformation temperature and lower softening temperature (540 degrees C and 585 degrees C, respectively). The absorption spectrum from 850 to 1100 nm showed that the main peak was at 975 nm with two subpeaks near 908 nm(More)
Paraneoplastic Cushing's syndrome (CushingPS) caused by bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumors presents a diagnostic challenge for clinicians. The present study reports the case of an 18-year-old male patient presenting with rapid weight gain, polyuria, polydipsia and progressive muscle weakness. Chemical and imaging findings suggested ectopic secretion of(More)
Poly(β-amino esters) (PBAE) are used for drug carrier and have many advantages, such as pH-sensitivity, low toxicity, structural diversity and the synthetic method of PBAE is easy. Therefore they are possessed broad application prospect in tumor-targeted drugs delivery systems. In this paper, the structural features and target drugs delivery property of(More)
BACKGROUND Biopsy, brushing, and transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) are the most common methods used for the diagnosis of small cell lung cancer during the same diagnostic bronchoscopic procedure. However, it is not clear which method provides better results. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed of 140 patients who had(More)
Yb3+ -doped borosilicate glasses were prepared at high tempreture. The absorption spectra and fluorescence spectra were measured at room temperature. The integrated absorption cross section, stimulated emission cross section and fluorescent time were calculated. The results showed that the main peak wavelength was 975.15 nm in absorption spectra with one(More)
Pancreatic lymphoepithelial cyst is a rare pancreatic lesion of undetermined pathogenesis, which is a true pancreatic cyst. Castleman's disease is a rare lymphoproliferative disorder, and a mesenteric location is unusual. The simultaneous occurrence of the two diseases are rarer than metachronous ones and has not been reported to date. We present a case(More)
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