Wei-min Jia

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In the title compound, C(25)H(21)N(5)O(3)S·CH(2)Cl(2), the dichloro-methane solvent mol-ecule is disordered over four positions, with an occupancy ratio of 0.271 (3):0.3884 (18):0.298 (2):0.0424 (15). The 1,2,4-triazole ring makes dihedral angles of 47.3 (2)/87.3 (2) and 3.6 (2)° with the phenyl and nitro-phenyl rings, respectively. An intra-molecular C-H⋯S(More)
In the title mol-ecule, C(19)H(19)ClN(4)OS, the 1,2,4-triazole ring forms dihedral angles of 86.0 (2) and 65.6 (2)° with the phenyl and chloro-phenyl rings, respectively. In the crystal, inter-molecular N-H⋯S and N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link mol-ecules into centrosymmetric dimers, which are further linked into chains in [001] via weak C-H⋯π inter-actions.
In the crystal structure of the title compound, C(5)H(3)Cl(3)N(4)S, two mol-ecules related by a centre of symmetry demonstrate extremely short inter-molecular S⋯N contacts of 2.783 (2) Å. The crystal packing also exhibits π-π inter-actions indicated by a short distance of 3.340 (1) Å between the centroids of the triazole rings of neighbouring mol-ecules.
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