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The antibiotic kijanimicin produced by the actinomycete Actinomadura kijaniata has a broad spectrum of bioactivities as well as a number of interesting biosynthetic features. To understand the molecular basis for its formation and to develop a combinatorial biosynthetic system for this class of compounds, a 107.6 kb segment of the A. kijaniata chromosome(More)
Microalgae have presented themselves as a strong candidate to replace diminishing oil reserves as a source of lipids for biofuels. Here we describe successful modifications of terrestrial plant lipid content which increase overall lipid production or shift the balance of lipid production towards lipid varieties more useful for biofuel production. Our(More)
Analysis of the tylosin gene cluster in Streptomyces fradiae uncovered an ORF, tyl1a, homologous to a hexose 3,4-isomerase found in Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus. Inclusion of the tyl1a gene along with other mycaminose biosynthetic genes (tylB, tylM1, tylM2, tylM3) identified in previous studies in an in vivo expression system successfully reconstituted(More)
Understanding the mode of action of small molecules is an integral facet of drug discovery. We report an optimized immunoaffinity fluorescent method that allows one to conduct parallel studies at both the cellular and molecular level using a single probe construct. Viability of the method has been evaluated analytically and applied using glycyrrhetic acid(More)
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