Wei-lian Hu

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When estrogen binds its receptor (ER), it becomes a potent mitogen in a number of target tissues including the mammary gland where it plays an important role in the pathogenesis of mammary carcinoma. Arsenic trioxide (AS2O3), a clinically effective agent against acute promyelocytic leukemia, has been shown to induce apoptosis in a variety of cancer cells in(More)
The extraction conditions of polysaccharides from Plantago asiatica L. seeds were investigated. Four parameters affecting the polysaccharides extraction, extraction times, water to sample, extraction temperature and single extraction time, were determined by orthogonal experiments. Under the optimized conditions, the polysaccharides yield of P. asiatica L.(More)
Methanogens belong to the kingdom of Euryarchaeota in the domain of Archaea. They are characterized by their ability to produce methane under anaerobic conditions. Methane production in the rumen represents a loss of energy for the host animal, and, in addition, methane eructated by ruminants may contribute to a greenhouse effect or global warming.(More)
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