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: Apoptosis and caspase-3 play an important role in the pathogenesis of sepsis. In this study, the authors monitored myocardial apoptosis and investigated caspase-3 protein expression change in rats with sepsis. In addition, we investigated the protective effect of glutamine (Gln) on myocardial injury in septic rats. A rat model of sepsis was established by(More)
According to the active service and future-oriented service of Service-mining theory, as well as the theory of Kuipers’ Qualitative Simulation, this paper puts forward a model of Qualitative Simulation that describes and predicts the changing process of customer churn. By applying causality graph, the factor system influencing customer churn is(More)
OBJECTIVE To sift the main effective factors of active component of Forsythia suspense. METHOD The active component of F. suspense was mensurated by HPLC, and the contents of nutrition in soil was determined by conventional methods. The active component of F. suspense and the nutrition of soil collected from different regions was analyzed by SPSS 11.0 for(More)
In the present paper, the analysis of the content of CP, NDF and ADF in the whole dry hay of oats was carried out by using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) technique, and in combination with the partial least square (PLS) regression algorithm the calibration analysis was performed at the same time. The results showed that the calibration models(More)
  • Min Zeng, Qiu-Rui Yang, +8 authors Bo Zhai
  • 2017
Tumor tissue has great clinical and scientific value which relies highly on the proper preservation of primary materials. Conventional tumor tissue cryopreservation using slow-freezing method has yielded limited success, leading to significant cell loss and morphological damage. Here we report a standardized vitrification-based cryopreservation method, by(More)
OBJECTIVE To study on diversity of quality of Forsythia suspense collected from different regions. METHOD The hundred-seed weight of shucks was analyzed by the method of hundred grain mass. The thousand-seed weight of seeds was analyzed by the method of thousand grain mass. The contents of the active components in shucks and seeds were determined by HPLC.(More)
Along with the continuous development of internet, business activities through networks are becoming more and more common, yet completing a deal requires a lot of inquiry about and comparison of different business websites to go through matchmaking and negotiation with many trading partners. This complexity greatly obstructs the development of E-commerce.(More)
Bilayer material systems find wide application in Micro ElectroMechanical systems (MEMS)., especially serving the reflective surface roles in optical MEMS. Unlike the bilayer with fully covered additional layer, the stress related deformation of bilayer with patterned additional layer has been rarely studied. In this paper, we present the out-of-plane(More)
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