Wei-jia Sun

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OBJECTIVE To study the mechanism of chemotherapy resistance caused by interleukin-6 (IL-6) in ovarian cancer cells and its related signal pathways. METHODS Ovarian cancer cell lines A2780 (IL-6 receptor positive, while non-IL-6-expressing and cisplatin/paclitaxel-responsive) and SKOV3 cell lines (overexpressing of IL-6 receptor and IL-6 and(More)
C-type lectins (CTLs) represent a large family of proteins that can bind carbohydrate moieties normally in a calcium-dependent manner. CTLs play important roles in mediating cell adhesion and the recognition of pathogens in the immune system. In the present study, we have identified 23 CTL genes in domestic silkworm Bombyx mori. CTL-domain proteins (CTLDPs)(More)
This paper makes a detailed analysis of Ethernet switches' forwarding algorithm, and points out this algorithm's potential security hazard. In addition, for the existence of risks, this paper carries out the detailed analysis, and conducts simulated attack experiments, Experiments show that the risks does exist and have great harm. The paper gives Specific(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatic cancer has poor prognosis and high mortality. Currently, the therapy of pancreatic cancer remains a challenge. In this study, we compared the antitumor activity of the recombinant antitumor antiviral protein (RAAP), an improved interferon, with gemcitabine, a classic chemotherapy agent used for pancreatic cancer treatment. METHODS(More)
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