Wei-bin Pan

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A rapid method for the stereospecific analysis of triglycerides based on enzymatic hydrolysis on thin layer plates was applied to a number ofGlycine max, Glycine soya, Avena sativa andAvena sterilis strains. The percentage of each fatty acid on thesn-1,sn-2- andsn-3-positions was linearly related to the total percentage of the fatty acid in the(More)
A photoacoustic spectrum of a smear of whole blood clearly shows all of the details of the haem absorption in an optical spectrum and good optical absorption data without a data extraction procedure. There are three peaks; gamma (420 nm), beta (550 nm), and alpha (585 nm) in the band 350-700 nm. For iron-deficiency anaemia the peak/peak ratios, ratios of(More)
Alga-bacterium relationships between a Bacillus cereus strain L7 and Anabaena flos-aquae were studied based on the effects of the algicidal substances on algal growth indicators such as enzyme activity and membrane lipid peroxidation. When exposed to algae-lytic products at a concentration of 0.05 mg mL−1, chlorophyll a (Chla), protein and phycobiliprotein(More)
Different forms of heavy metals in soil will produce different environmental effects, and will directly influence the toxicity, migration and bioavailability of heavy metals. This study used lime, fly ash, dried sludge, peanut shells as stabilizers in the treatment of heavy metals in mineral waste residues. Morphological analyses of heavy metal, leaching(More)
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