Wei-ai Liu

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OBJECTIVE To compare the difference in the efficacy on post-stroke constipation between acupuncture therapy of regulating qi circulation of fe-organ and Shengxue Tongbian Capsules. METHODS Seventy-five patients of post-stroke constipation were randomized into an acupuncture group (39 cases) and a Chinese medicine group (36 cases). The unit mode(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe clinical therapeutic effects of needling method for dispelling wind and expelling phlegm on pseudobulbar palsy of wind-phlegm type. METHODS Two hundred and forty cases of pseudobulbar palsy of wind-phlegm type were randomly divided into an observation group and a control group, 120 cases in each group, and they were treated by(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the influence of herbal cake-separated moxibustion on the contents of 5-hydroxy tryptamine (5-HT), dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) in the hypothalamus in rats with functional dyspepsia (FD) of syndrome of liver stagnation and spleen deficiency, so as to explore its mechanism underlying improvement of FD. METHODS Sixty SD rats(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare therapeutic effects of Tongdu Tiaojin needling method and routine acupuncture method on blepharoptosis. METHODS Fifty-eight cases of blepharoptosis were randomly divided into an observation group and a control group, 29 cases in each group. The observation group was treated by Tongdu Tiaojin needling method with Baihui (GV 20),(More)
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