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Data is often collected over a distributed network, but in many cases, is so voluminous that it is impractical and undesirable to collect it in a central location. Instead, we must perform distributed computations over the data, guaranteeing high quality answers even as new data arrives. In this paper, we formalize and study the problem of maintaining a(More)
Emerging applications in sensor systems and network-wide IP traffic analysis present many technical challenges. They need distributed monitoring and continuous tracking of events. They have severe resource constraints not only at each site in terms of per-update processing time and archival space for highspeed streams of observations, but also crucially,(More)
Half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis: Pleuronectiformes) is a commercially important cultured marine flatfish in China and forms an important fishery resource, but the research of its genome is underdeveloped. In this study, we constructed a female C. semilaevis fosmid library and analyzed the fosmid end sequences to provide a preliminary(More)
[1] Intraseasonal sea surface height (SSH) variability and associated eddy energy in the South China Sea is studied using satellite observations and an eddy‐resolving, global ocean general circulation model. In both the model hindcast and satellite observations, a conspicuous minimum of intraseasonal SSH variance is found along the continental break between(More)
Molecular containers that encapsulate specific cargo can be useful for many natural and non-natural processes. We report a simple system, based on charge complementarity, for the encapsulation of appropriately tagged proteins within an engineered, proteinaceous capsid. Four negative charges per monomer were added to the lumazine synthase from Aquifex(More)
We report here experimental observations which indicate that topologically or covalently formed polymer loops embedded in an ultrathin liquid film on a solid substrate can be "blown" into circular "bubbles" during scanning force microscopy (SFM) imaging. In particular, supercoiled vector DNA has been unraveled, moved, stretched, and overstretched to two(More)
Biobutanol is a potential fuel substitute and has been receiving increased attention in recent years. However, the economics of biobutanol production have been hampered by a number of bottlenecks such as high cost of raw material and low yield of solvent. Co-production of value-added products is a possible way to improve the economics of biobutanol(More)