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We have analyzed the set of genes expressed from the yeast genome, herein called the transcriptome, using serial analysis of gene expression. Analysis of 60,633 transcripts revealed 4,665 genes, with expression levels ranging from 0.3 to over 200 transcripts per cell. Of these genes, 1981 had known functions, while 2684 were previously uncharacterized. The(More)
Bayesian belief nets (BNs) are often used for classification tasks -- typically to return the most likely "class label" for each specified instance. Many BN-learners, however, attempt to find the BN that maximizes a different objective function (viz., likelihood, rather than classification accuracy), typically by first learning an appropriate graphical(More)
This paper presents a study of incorporating domain-specific knowledge (i.e., information about concepts and relationships between concepts in a certain domain) in an information retrieval (IR) system to improve its effectiveness in retrieving biomedical literature. The effects of different types of domain-specific knowledge in performance contribution are(More)
MOTIVATION Abbreviations are an important type of terminology in the biomedical domain. Although several groups have already created databases of biomedical abbreviations, these are either not public, or are not comprehensive, or focus exclusively on acronym-type abbreviations. We have created another abbreviation database, ADAM, which covers commonly used(More)
Both biomass dominated green vegetative cells (GV) and astaxanthin-dominated orange resting cells (OR) affect the final astaxanthin yield in industry. Examination of Haematococcus pluvialis revealed that the OR cells greatly varied from the GV cells at both cellular and subcellular levels. In particular, the thylakoid membranes in the OR were disassembled(More)
PURPOSE Platinum agents cause DNA cross-linking and oxidative damage. Genetic polymorphisms of DNA repair genes are associated with differential DNA repair activity and may explain interindividual differences in overall survival after therapy with platinum agents for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS We used polymerase chain reaction-restriction(More)
T lymphocytes are increasingly recognized as key modulators of detrimental inflammatory cascades in acute ischaemic stroke, but the potential of T cell-targeted therapy in brain ischaemia is largely unexplored. Here, we characterize the effect of inhibiting leukocyte very late antigen-4 and endothelial vascular cell adhesion molecule-1-mediated brain(More)
Ginseng root is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine for its alleged tonic effect and possible curative and restorative properties. There are increasing evidences in the literature on the potential role of ginseng in treating cardiovascular diseases. We herein examine the history of ginseng usage and review the current literature on a myriad(More)