Wei Zhiqiang

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In this paper, we present efficient schemes to utilize multiple frames that contain the same text to get every clear word from these frames. Firstly, we use multiple frame traction to reduce text detection false alarms. And then detect and joint every clear text block from those frames to form a clearer integration frame. Later we uses Otsu threshold method(More)
Vehicle monitoring technology based on the video image due to its features of easy maintenance and easy implement is concerned in recent years. Vehicle tracking is one of the key technologies to achieve video vehicle monitoring. How to achieve real-time vehicle tracking is the key and difficult problem at home and abroad. A method of Kalman tracking based(More)
A detailed design scheme of SCA-based communication system is introduced. The system architecture, software platform, hardware platform and design guides are then de scribed. After analyzing the characteristics of ad-hoc network, a design process of application waveforms and components of SCA-based ad-hoc network is proposed. The ad-hoc network radio is(More)
Through the analysis of flowers pattern, firstly this paper abstracts the needed patterns and uses the genetic algorithm to generate new pattern so as to found a colorful pattern. And then through the analysis of the flowers pattern, it selects and assembles the various patterns automatically to create lots of different styles of the art patterns which can(More)
In this paper, a comparative study with three support vector machines (SVM) classifiers was carried out. The input images were first preprocessed to form the candidate text string regions. Next, Based on different features sets extracted by different methods, three SVM classifiers are used to analyze the textural properties of text and classify the text and(More)
Based on the standard FA easily traps in a local optimum, this paper presents a method that the current particle choose the one in its visual field which has the best fitness as the global best particle. The experiment shows the advantaged algorithm has a better global search ability. The paper uses the advantaged FA into the group animation, the particle(More)
Based on the background of WiFi-based Ad-hoc network, four route protocols are simulated using OPNET plat form. Experimental result shows that AODV protocol has a better performance than other algorithms under the circumstance of high throughout and heavy burden. To meet the communication requirement of vehicle-borne Ad-hoc network under battlefield(More)
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