Wei-Zhi Nie

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Discovering visual dynamics during human actions is a challenging task for human action recognition. To deal with this problem, we theoretically propose the multi-task conditional random fields model and explore its application on human action recognition. For visual representation, we propose the part-induced spatiotemporal action unit sequence to(More)
Attributes are expected to narrow down the semantic gap between low-level visual features and high-level semantic meanings. Such superiority motivates us to explore pedestrian attributes which has became a critical problem to boost image understanding and improve the performance of pedestrian detection, retrieval, re-identification, etc. Based on the PETA(More)
This paper originally proposes the clique-graph and further presents a clique-graph matching method by preserving global and local structures. Especially, we formulate the objective function of clique-graph matching with respective to two latent variables, the clique information in the original graph and the pairwise clique correspondence constrained by the(More)
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