Wei-Zhen Lin

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A high input power range phase shifter is designed and fabricated on 0.18-μm CMOS technology. With proposed variable gain amplifier in I/Q vector combination based phase shifter, the performance of output signal has been improved. From measured results, the gain variation and phase distortion versus input power of output signal are smaller than 1.5(More)
A 5-bit active vector-sum phase shifter operated in 0.75-2.67 GHz is implemented in 0.18-&#x03BC;m CMOS technology. A tunable RC quadrature all-pass filter and a resistor-string VGA are proposed for quadrature phase generation and magnitude ratio tuning, respectively. The chip size is 0.89 mm<sup>2</sup>. The DC power consumption of core circuit is 6.39 mW(More)
An inductorless quadrature phase generator is designed and implemented in 0.18 &#x03BC;m CMOS technology. The proposed circuit is composed of two resistors, two capacitors, and four differential amplifiers. The performance of proposed circuit is verified by a single sideband (SSB) mixer and a vector-sum phase shifter. Measurement results show that the image(More)
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