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Investigating Capsule Networks with Dynamic Routing for Text Classification
In this study, we explore capsule networks with dynamic routing for text classification. We propose three strategies to stabilize the dynamic routing process to alleviate the disturbance of someExpand
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MoverScore: Text Generation Evaluating with Contextualized Embeddings and Earth Mover Distance
A robust evaluation metric has a profound impact on the development of text generation systems. A desirable metric compares system output against references based on their semantics rather thanExpand
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Personalized Response Generation via Domain adaptation
In this paper, we propose a novel personalized response generation model via domain adaptation (PRG-DM). First, we learn the human responding style from large general data (without user-specificExpand
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Fast Dynamic Routing Based on Weighted Kernel Density Estimation
Capsules as well as dynamic routing between them are most recently proposed structures for deep neural networks. A capsule groups data into vectors or matrices as poses rather than conventionalExpand
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Towards Scalable and Reliable Capsule Networks for Challenging NLP Applications
Obstacles hindering the development of capsule networks for challenging NLP applications include poor scalability to large output spaces and less reliable routing processes. In this paper, weExpand
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Dual Learning for Cross-domain Image Captioning
Recent AI research has witnessed increasing interests in automatically generating image descriptions in text, which is coined as theimage captioning problem. Significant progresses have been made inExpand
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Leveraging Long and Short-term Information in Content-aware Movie Recommendation
Movie recommendation systems provide users with ranked lists of movies based on individual's preferences and constraints. Two types of models are commonly used to generate ranking results: 1)Expand
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A Multi-task Learning Approach for Image Captioning
In this paper, we propose a Multi-task Learning Approach for Image Captioning (MLAIC), motivated by the fact that humans have no difficulty performing such task because they have the capabilities ofExpand
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Aspect and Sentiment Aware Abstractive Review Summarization
Review text has been widely studied in traditional tasks such as sentiment analysis and aspect extraction. However, to date, no work is towards the end-to-end abstractive review summarization that isExpand
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Investigating the transferring capability of capsule networks for text classification
Text classification has been attracting increasing attention with the growth of textual data created on the Internet. Great progress has been made by deep neural networks for domains where a largeExpand
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