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There is a consensus within the Merger and Acquisition (Mliterature that acquisitions fail during the integration phase, in large part due to neglect of social factors such as differences in rules, norms, and values across organizations. Thus, a crucial part of successful integration is whether firms can socialize employees effectively into the newly merged(More)
In flowering plants, male fertility depends on proper cell differentiation in the anther. However, relatively little is known about the genes that regulate anther cell differentiation and function. Here, we report the analysis of a new Arabidopsis male sterile mutant, dysfunctional tapetum1 (dyt1). The dyt1 mutant exhibits abnormal anther morphology(More)
Molecular mechanics models have been applied extensively to study the dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids. Here we report the development of a third-generation point-charge all-atom force field for proteins. Following the earlier approach of Cornell et al., the charge set was obtained by fitting to the electrostatic potentials of dipeptides calculated(More)
Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of large-scale knowledge bases, including Wikipedia, Freebase, YAGO, Microsoft's Satori, and Google's Knowledge Graph. To increase the scale even further, we need to explore automatic methods for constructing knowledge bases. Previous approaches have primarily focused on text-based extraction, which can be very(More)
The spatiotemporal organization and dynamics of chromatin play critical roles in regulating genome function. However, visualizing specific, endogenous genomic loci remains challenging in living cells. Here, we demonstrate such an imaging technique by repurposing the bacterial CRISPR/Cas system. Using an EGFP-tagged endonuclease-deficient Cas9 protein and a(More)
Cyclins are primary regulators of the activity of cyclin-dependent kinases, which are known to play critical roles in controlling eukaryotic cell cycle progression. While there has been extensive research on cell cycle mechanisms and cyclin function in animals and yeasts, only a small number of plant cyclins have been characterized functionally. In this(More)
Coalition formation is a fundamental type of interaction that involves the creation of coherent groupings of distinct, autonomous, agents in order to efficiently achieve their individual or collective goals. Forming effective coalitions is a major research challenge in the field of multi-agent systems. Central to this endeavour is the problem of determining(More)
Learning articulated object pose is inherently difficult because the pose is high dimensional but has many structural constraints. Most existing work do not model such constraints and does not guarantee the geometric validity of their pose estimation, therefore requiring a post-processing to recover the correct geometry if desired, which is cumbersome and(More)
In flowering plants, the anther contains highly specialized reproductive and somatic cells that are required for male fertility. Genetic studies have uncovered several genes that are important for anther development. However, little information is available regarding most genes active during anther development, including possible relationships between these(More)