Wei-Zen Sun

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BACKGROUND Recent studies have implicated the activation of stress-activated mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) p38 in spinal microglial cells for development of neuropathic and inflammatory pain. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether phosphorylation of p38 (p-p38) also mediates mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia induced by(More)
BACKGROUND Diffuse noxious inhibitory controls (DNIC) can be produced by different types of conditioning stimuli, but the analgesic properties and underlying mechanisms remain unclear. The aim of this study was to differentiate the induction of DNIC analgesia between noxious electrical and inflammatory conditioning stimuli. METHODS First, rats subjected(More)
The use of anesthetics in acupuncture analgesia is controversial. We evaluate a steady-state light anesthesia model to test whether minimal stress manipulation and reliable measurement of analgesia could be simultaneously achieved during electroacupuncture (EA) in animals. A series of experiments were performed. Firstly, EA compliance and tail-flick(More)
A multilayer hierarchical structure for an intelligent analysis system is described in this paper. Four levels (patients', measurement, Web-based, and interpreting) are used to collect massive amounts from clinical information and analyze it with both traditional and artificial intelligent methods. To support this, a novel fuzzy pain demand (FPD) index(More)
Cardiovascular system is known to be nonlinear and nonstationary. Traditional linear assessments algorithms of arterial stiffness and systemic resistance of cardiac system accompany the problem of nonstationary or inconvenience in practical applications. In this pilot study, two new assessment methods were developed: the first is ensemble empirical mode(More)
The use of anesthetics to stabilize animals for the purpose of electroacupuncture (EA) analgesic studies can be problematic because of the interference of differential physiological responses to EA and pain. In this study, EA-induced physiological profiles were surveyed under a sub-minimal alveolar concentration (sub-MAC) of two different anesthetics in a(More)
INTRODUCTION Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been consistently implicated in causing several kinds of malignancies, and two HPV oncogenes, E6 and E7, represent two potential target antigens for cancer vaccines. We developed two fusion protein vaccines, PE(ΔIII)/E6 and PE(ΔIII)/E7 by targeting these two tumor antigens to test whether a combination of two(More)
The objective of prehospital emergency medical services (EMSs) is to have a short response time. By increasing the operational efficiency, the survival rate of patients could potentially be increased. The geographic information system (GIS) is introduced in this study to manage and visualize the spatial distribution of demand data and forecasting results. A(More)
This project proposes a pulse analysis system for doctors to diagnose their patients using their pulse signals. A novice and easy time-domain algorithm is applied to pulse signal for periodic function examination. Monitoring and modeling our body as a system with digitalized pulse signals is one of the linkages that we can find among Traditional Chinese(More)