Wei-Yu Song

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Cyanobacteria are globally important primary producers that have an exceptionally large iron requirement for photosynthesis. In many aquatic ecosystems, the levels of dissolved iron are so low and some of the chemical species so unreactive that growth of cyanobacteria is impaired. Pathways of iron uptake through cyanobacterial membranes are now being(More)
The Ycf46 mutant of Synechocystis showed growth inhibition under low dissolved CO 2 conditions, suggesting a role for the Ycf46 protein in the process of photosynthetic CO 2 uptake and utilization. Hypothetical chloroplast open reading frame Ycf46 proteins are highly conserved in all cyanobacterial lineages and most algal chloroplast genomes, but their(More)
The sulfur-formation ( suf ) genes play important roles in both photosynthesis and respiration of cyanobacteria, but the organism prioritizes Fe–S clusters for respiration at the expense of photosynthesis. Iron–sulfur (Fe–S) clusters are important to all living organisms, but their assembly mechanism is poorly understood in photosynthetic organisms. Unlike(More)
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