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Multi-rate asynchronous sub-Nyquist sampling (MASS) is proposed for wideband spectrum sensing. Corresponding spectral recovery conditions are derived and the probability of successful recovery is given. Compared to previous approaches, MASS offers lower sampling rate, and is an attractive approach for cognitive radio networks.
In this paper, the relative location estimation problem, a prominent issue faced by several applications in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), is considered. Sensors are classified into two categories: location-aware and location-unaware sensors. To estimate the positions of location-unaware sensors, exact positions are often assumed for location-aware(More)
This letter presents an adaptive spectrum sensing algorithm that detects wideband spectrum using sub-Nyquist sampling rates. By taking advantage of compressed sensing (CS), the proposed algorithm reconstructs the wideband spectrum from compressed samples. Furthermore, an ℓ 2 norm validation approach is proposed that enables cognitive radios (CRs) to(More)
This paper focuses on the problem of energy imbalance management in a microgrid. The problem is investigated from the power market perspective. Unlike the traditional power grid, a microgrid can obtain extra energy from a renewable energy source (RES) such as a solar panel or a wind turbine. However, the stochastic input from the RES brings difficulty in(More)
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