Wei Yong

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BACKGROUND Existing evidence suggests that proinflammatory cytokines play an intermediary role in postchemotherapy cognitive impairment. This is one of the largest multicentered, cohort studies conducted in Singapore to evaluate the prevalence and proinflammatory biomarkers associated with cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients. PATIENTS AND(More)
In this paper, an acoustic imaging algorithm based on acoustic array Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) and Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) by location algorithm fusion is proposed to realize Three Dimension (3D) location estimation and display for future mobile system. By combined with MIMO beam estimation and MUSIC estimation algorithm, the(More)
BACKGROUND Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a neurotrophin that regulates neuronal function and development, is implicated in several neurodegenerative conditions. Preliminary data suggest that a reduction of BDNF concentrations may lead to postchemotherapy cognitive impairment. We hypothesized that a single nucleotide polymorphism (rs6265) of the(More)
Aiming at the ubiquitous network development and robust space location problem, a location configuration model based on space MIMO array and beam beacon scanning is proposed in this paper. The location algorithm and technique fusion of this model are studied to implement two or more location functions integrated simultaneously. The simulation of space-time(More)
In this paper, we analyze the model of countdown transformation on the basis of the mechanism of GM(1,1) model, and we conclude that countdown transformation may reduce the precision of GM(1,1) modeling, or countdown transformation may increase the precision of GM(1,1) modeling by some examples. We point out that the main function of increasing the model(More)
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