Wei Yeang Kow

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Image segmentation with low computational burden has been highly regarded as important goal for researchers. Various image segmentation methods are widely discussed and more noble segmentation methods are expected to be developed when there is rapid demand from the emerging machine vision field. One of the popular image segmentation methods is by using(More)
Image segmentation has been widely applied in image analysis for various areas such as biomedical imaging, intelligent transportation systems and satellite imaging. The main goal of image segmentation is to simplify an image into segments that have a strong correlation with objects in the real world. Homogeneous regions of an image are regions containing(More)
Vehicle detection and tracking is essential in traffic surveillance and traffic flow optimization. However, occlusion or overlapped vehicle tracking is difficult and remain a challenging research topic in image processing. In this paper, a conventional Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) is enhanced via Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) path plot in order to track(More)
Nowadays, vehicle tracking is a vital approach to assist and improve the road traffic control, surveillance and security systems by having the detail of the captured vehicle information. In past, many tracking techniques have been implemented and suffered from the well known 'occlusion' problems. Increasing the accuracy of the tracking algorithm has caused(More)
Traffic flow optimization within traffic networks has been approached through different kinds of methods. One of the methods is to reconfigure the traffic signal timing plan. However, dynamic characteristic of the traffic flow is not able to be resolved by the conventional traffic signal timing plan management. As a result, traffic congestion still remains(More)
One of the critical tasks in object tracking is the tracking of fast-moving object in random motion, especially in the field of machine vision applications. An approach towards the hybrid of particle filter (PF) and mean shift (MS) algorithm in visual tracking is proposed. In this proposed system, complete occlusion and random movement of object can be(More)
Vehicle tracking is a vital approach to assist the on-road traffic surveillance system. Since the on-road vehicles is increasing, occlusion and overlapping of vehicles is often happen in the traffic surveillance scene. Therefore, segmentation and tracking of the occlusion or overlapped vehicle can be a challenging task in surveillance system via image(More)
Vehicle tracking is an essential approach that can help to improve the traffic surveillance or assist the road traffic control. Recently, the development of video surveillance infrastructure has incited the researchers to focus on the vehicle tracking by using video sensors. However, the amount of the on-road vehicle has been increased dramatically and(More)
A new algorithm for license plate character recognition is proposed on the basis of Signature analysis properties and features extraction. Signature analysis has been used to locate license plate region and its properties can be further utilised in supporting and affirming the license plate character recognition. This paper presents the implementation of(More)
Optical sensors based vehicle tracking can be widely implemented in traffic surveillance and flow control. The vast development of video surveillance infrastructure in recent years has drawn the current research focus towards vehicle tracking using high-end and low cost optical sensors. However, tracking vehicles via such sensors could be challenging due to(More)