Wei Xiong

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BMP signaling plays many important roles during organ development, including palatogenesis. Loss of BMP signaling leads to cleft palate formation. During development, BMP activities are finely tuned by a number of modulators at the extracellular and intracellular levels. Among the extracellular BMP antagonists is Noggin, which preferentialy binds to BMP2,(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental laboratory evidence suggests that bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor, is a neurodevelopmental toxicant. However, there have been limited and inconclusive results with respect to sex-specific BPA effects on child behavior. OBJECTIVE We examined the association between prenatal BPA exposure and child behavior, adjusting for(More)
The diversified physiological responses in cyanobacteria under ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation have been broadly researched. The changes in the metabolic control mechanisms hidden behind these physiological traits still need to be further investigated. This research attempts to identify some of the internal mechanisms of several stressful phenotypes such as(More)
To unleash the full potential of graphene in electronics and optoelectronics, high-quality graphene patterns on insulating substrates are required. However, existing methods generally follow a "synthesis + patterning" strategy, which are time consuming and costly for fabricating high-quality graphene patterns on desired substrates. We developed a(More)
Steel is prone to corrosion induced by chloride ions, which is a serious threat to reinforced concrete structures, especially in marine environments. In this work, we report a novel capsule-based self-recovery system that utilizes chloride ions as a trigger. These capsules, which are functionalized via a smart response to chloride ions, are fabricated using(More)
Leaf economics spectrum (LES), characterizing covariation among a suite of leaf traits relevant to carbon and nutrient economics, has been examined largely among species but hardly within species. In addition, very little attempt has been made to examine whether the existence of LES depends on spatial scales. To address these questions, we quantified the(More)
Intensive investigations have been drawn on nanoscale ferroelectrics for their prospective applications such as developing memory devices. In contrast with the commonly used electrical means to process (i.e., read, write or erase) the information carried by ferroelectric domains, at present, mechanisms of non-electrical processing ferroelectric domains are(More)
It has been suggested that children with larger brains tend to perform better on IQ tests or cognitive function tests. Prenatal head growth and head growth in infancy are two crucial periods for subsequent intelligence. Studies have shown that environmental exposure to air pollutants during pregnancy is associated with fetal growth reduction, developmental(More)
Geographic patterns in leaf stoichiometry reflect plant adaptations to environments. Leaf stoichiometry variations along environmental gradients have been extensively studied among terrestrial plants, but little has been known about intraspecific leaf stoichiometry, especially for wetland plants. Here we analyzed the dataset of leaf N and P of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the correlation between the changes of surface electromyography (sEMG) signals of biceps and triceps and torques for elbow flexion and extension during maximum isometric voluntary contraction (MIVC) and motor function in convalescent stroke patients so as to provide rationale for rehabilitation. METHODS Fifteen stroke patients and 15(More)