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Using equilibrium and nonequilibrium molecular dynamic simulations, we found that engineering the strain on the graphene planes forming a channel can drastically change the interfacial friction of water transport through it. There is a sixfold change of interfacial friction stress when the strain changes from -10% to 10%. Stretching the graphene walls(More)
Herein reported is a fundamentally new strategy for the design of high-power and high energy-density devices. This approach is based on the exchange of lithium ions between the surfaces (not the bulk) of two nanostructured electrodes, completely obviating the need for lithium intercalation or deintercalation. In both electrodes, massive graphene surfaces in(More)
Silk fibroin (SF)/nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) composites are potential biomaterials for bone defect repair. Up to now, the biological evaluation studies of SF/n-HA composites have primarily concentrated on their biocompatibility at cell level such as cell viability and proliferation and tissue level such as material absorption and new bone formation. In this(More)
The radius and density of soil macropores under eight typical vegetations in Liupan Mountains of Northwest China were studied by using water breakthrough curves and Poiseuille equation. The results indicated that the radii of soil macropores ranged from 0.4 mm to 2.3 mm, and the weighted mean radii ranged from 0.57 mm to 1.21 mm, with a mean of 0.89 mm. The(More)
From March 2009 to November 2011, an investigation was conducted on the spatiotemporal variation of soil moisture and its effects on the needle-fall in Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) forests in acid rain region of Chongqing, Southeast China, with the corresponding soil moisture thresholds determined. No matter the annual precipitation was abundant, normal(More)
We report a setup for the deep cooling of atoms in an optical trap. The deep cooling is implemented by eliminating the influence of gravity using specially constructed magnetic coils. Compared to the conventional method of generating a magnetic levitating force, the lower trap frequency achieved in our setup provides a lower limit of temperature and more(More)
Based on the newest emission scenarios of SO2 and greenhouse gases, i. e., the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Emission Scenarios (SRES) A2 and B2 scenarios, and by using RCM (Regional Climate Model)-PRECIS and CERES-Rice model, this paper simulated the rice yield change in 2080 at 50 x 50 km scale. The results showed that(More)
This paper studied the effects of exotic and native dissolved organic matter (DOM) on the phenanthrene adsorption by three soils differed in soil organic carbon content (foc). The exotic DOM came from decayed rice straw, while the native DOM was extracted from the test soils. In all cases, the adsorption of phenanthrene by treated soils could be well(More)
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