Wei Xiong Zhang

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This paper considers parallel solutions to some problems with integers as input. We first discuss the general integer packing problem and propose a parallel algorithm for this problem on exclusive-read exclusivewrite parallel random-access machine (EREW PRAM). Then we present parallel algorithms on EREW PRAM for bucket sort, graph adjacency-list(More)
A parallel metamorphic mechanism with two configuration, whose moving plate have translational or orientational output respectively through configuration-switch, is introduced. Different output of each configuration and complex coupling of the kinematic chains during configuration-switch process make it difficult to get the optimum results for the(More)
This article uses RFLP to analyze the mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA) variation in geographic populations of Drosophila immigrans from 6 regions of mainland of China. With the use of fourteen restriction endonucleases, we only discoveried a total of 11 mtDNA haplotypes among 46 isofemale lines. The mean value of I is 0.833, the mean value of J is 0.797, and the(More)
Olariu, S., Z. Wen and W. Zhang, A faster optimal algorithm for the measure problem, Parallel Computing 17 (1991) 683-687. The measure problem involves computing the area of the union of a set of n iso-oriented rectangles in the plane. Recently, it has been shown that for a set of n such rectangles, the measure problem can be solved in O(log n log log n)(More)
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