Wei-Xing Yang

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A growing recognition of the importance of the cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae in winter wheat in China has highlighted the need to better understand local pathotype diversity, as this knowledge is needed to effectively deploy host resistance. Two populations of H. avenae, one each from Xushui and Xingyuang, villages near Zhengzhou, Henan, on the(More)
This paper addresses the collective odor source localization (OSL) problem in a time-varying airflow environment using mobile robots. A novel OSL methodology which combines odor-source probability estimation and multiple robots' search is proposed. The estimation phase consists of two steps: firstly, the separate probability-distribution map of odor source(More)
We consider chemical plume tracing (CPT) in time-varying airflow environments using multiple mobile robots. The purpose of CPT is to approach a gas source with a previously unknown location in a given area. Therefore, the CPT could be considered as a dynamic optimization problem in continuous domains. The traditional ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm(More)
We consider odor-plume tracing using a multi-robot system in indoor natural airflow environments. The purpose of odor-plume tracing is to approach the odor source via following the found plume with mobile robot(s). Owing to the chaotic nature of the odor transport in the atmosphere, tracing the resultant patchy meandering plume down to its source is thus(More)
We present a relative localization method based on sound source localization for mobile robots in outdoor environments. One robot estimates the relative position of nearby robots by receiving the sound signals they generate. In our work, a device including a buzzer and an array of four microphones is designed and installed on each mobile robot. We describe(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents in the total saponin from Trigonellf foenum-graecum. METHOD The compounds were isolated by column chromatography on macroporous resin and silica gel and elucidated by physical and chemical evidences and spectroscopic analysis. RESULT Two compounds were obtained and identifiedas methyl-protodioscin and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of exogenous Ca2+ on photosynthetic parameters of Pinellia ternate and accumulations of active components under high temperature stress. METHOD The pigment contents of P. ternata leaves, photosynthesis parameters and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of P. ternata leaves, the contents of guanosine, adenosine and(More)
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