Wei Xi

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Numerous indoor localization techniques have been proposed recently to meet the intensive demand for location-based service (LBS). Among them, the most popular solutions are the Wi-Fi fingerprint-based approaches. The core challenge is to lower the cost of fingerprint site-survey. One of the trends is to collect the piecewise data from clients and establish(More)
— This paper addresses the joint quantization and control problem for hidden Markov chains with variable-length block-coding. The aim is to understand the impact of communication bandwidth and information delay (due to block-coding) on the control performance. A heuristic algorithm is developed to solve the dynamic programming (DP) equation through the(More)
— Crowd density estimating is a crucial service in many applications (e.g., smart guide, crowd control, etc.), which is often conducted using pattern recognition technologies based on video surveillance. However, these kinds of methods are high cost, and cannot work well in low-light environments. Radio frequency based technologies are adopted more and more(More)
Simulation has indicated that distributed self-organization of autonomous swarms might be achieved through Gibbs sampler-based simulated annealing. However, the dynamic nature of the underlying graph presents significant challenges in convergence analysis. As a first step toward such analysis, convergence of the algorithm is established in this paper for(More)
Generating keys and keeping them secret are critical in secure communications. Due to the “open air” nature, key distribution is more susceptible to attacks in wireless communications. An ingenious solution is to generate secret keys for two communicating parties separately without the need of key exchange or distribution, and regenerate them on needs.(More)
Diagnosis is of great importance to wireless sensor networks due to the nature of error prone sensor nodes and unreliable wireless links. The state-of-the-art diagnostic tools focus on certain types of faults, and their performances are highly correlated with the networks they work with. The network administrators feel difficult in measuring the(More)
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