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Indoor localization is of great importance for a range of pervasive applications, attracting many research efforts in the past two decades. Most radio-based solutions require a process of site survey, in which radio signatures are collected and stored for further comparison and matching. Site survey involves intensive costs on manpower and time. In this(More)
Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in the manufacture of many products and is ubiquitous in the environment. Adverse effects of BPA on animal reproductive health have been reported, however most of the studies relied on the approaches in the assessment of conventional histology and anatomical features. The mechanistic actions of BPA are not clear. In the present(More)
Regular free-weight exercise helps to strengthen the body's natural movements and stabilize muscles that are important to strength, balance, and posture of human beings. Prior works have exploited wearable sensors or RF signal changes (e.g., WiFi and Blue tooth) for activity sensing, recognition and countingetc.. However, none of them have incorporate three(More)
—Comparing to well protected data frames, Wi-Fi management frames (MFs) are extremely vulnerable to various attacks. Since MFs are transmitted without encryption or authen-tication, attackers can easily launch various attacks by forging the MFs. In a collaborative environment with many Wi-Fi sniffers, such attacks can be easily detected by sensing the(More)
Physical-layer identification utilizes unique features of wireless devices as their fingerprints, providing authenticity and security guarantee. Prior physical-layer identification techniques on radio frequency identification (RFID) tags require nongeneric equipments and are not fully compatible with existing standards. In this paper, we propose a novel(More)
Images produced by rod-lens telescopes used in minimally invasive surgery are brightest in the central region and darker at the periphery. To enable a clear view of the darker regions of the image, the intensity of light from the source usually is set to a high level. This often causes substantial reflection and glare from surgical tools and some tissue(More)
We conducted a case-control study using 190 Han children with and without autism to investigate prenatal and perinatal risk factors for autism in China. Cases were recruited through public special education schools and controls from regular public schools in the same region (Tianjin), with frequency matching on sex and birth year. Unadjusted analyses(More)
Device-free object tracking provides a promising solution for many localization and tracking systems to monitor non-cooperative objects, such as intruders, which do not carry any transceiver. However, existing device-free solutions mainly use special sensors or active RFID tags, which are much more expensive compared to passive tags. In this paper, we(More)
Localization is a fundamental issue of wireless sensor networks that has been extensively studied in the literature. Our real-world experience from GreenOrbs, a sensor network system deployed in a forest, shows that localization in the wild remains very challenging due to various interfering factors. In this paper, we propose CDL, a Combined and(More)
Different from online shopping, in-store shopping has few ways to collect the customer behaviors before purchase. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of an on-site Customer Behavior IDentification system based on passive RFID tags, named CBID. By collecting and analyzing wireless signal features, CBID can detect and track tag movements(More)