Wei-Xi Yang

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The actin-myosin contractile apparatus consists of several thick filament and thin filament proteins. Specific regulatory mechanisms are involved in this highly ordered process. In this paper, we reported the identification and characterization of a novel myofibrillogenesis regulator, MR-1. The MR-1 gene was cloned from human skeletal muscle cDNA library by(More)
Endophytes proved to exert multiple effects on host plants, including growth promotion, stress resistance. However, whether endophytes have a role in metabolites shaping of grape has not been fully understood. Eight endophytic fungal strains which originally isolated from grapevines were re-inoculated to field-grown grapevines in this study, and their(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the possibility of placenta mesenchymal stem cells (PMSCs) differentiation into dermal fibroblast, and the potency of PMSCs used in cutaneous wound healing and stored as seed cells. METHODS Enzyme digestion method was used to obtain PMSCs, and PMSCs were amplified after culture in vitro. Flow cytometry assay, osteogenic and(More)
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