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Motivated by the wide use of TCP for streaming in practice and the increasing availability of multipath between end hosts, we study multipath live streaming via TCP in this paper. We first design a simple and practical TCP-based multipath streaming scheme, named <i>Dynamic MPath-streaming (DMP-streaming)</i>, which dynamically distributes packets over(More)
Rogue (unauthorized) wireless access points pose serious security threats to local networks. In this paper, we propose two online algorithms to detect rogue access points using sequential hypothesis tests applied to packet-header data collected passively at a monitoring point. One algorithm requires training sets, while the other does not. Both algorithms(More)
Abstract In this paper, we study the use of continuous-time hidden Markov models for network protocol and application performance evaluation. We develop an algorithm to infer the continuous-time hidden Markov model from a series of end-to-end delay and loss observations of probe packets. This model can then be used to simulate network environments for(More)
Neighbor discovery is one of the first steps in configuring and managing a wireless network. Most existing studies on neighbor discovery assume a single-packet reception model where only a single packet can be received successfully at a receiver. In this paper, motivated by the increasing prevalence of multipacket reception (MPR) technologies such as CDMA(More)
Smart mobile handheld devices (MHDs) such as smartphones have been used for a wide range of applications. Despite the recent flurry of research on various aspects of smart MHDs, little is known about their network performance in WiFi networks. In this paper, we measure the network performance of smart MHDs inside a university campus WiFi network, and(More)
This experiment was undertaken to provide a pharmacological characterization of performance on a task involving food-related instrumental and consummatory behavior. Rats were tested in an operant chamber in which there was a choice between pressing a lever to receive a preferred food (Bioserve pellets) or approaching and consuming a less-preferred food (Lab(More)
Faulty components in a network need to be localized and repaired to sustain the health of the network. In this paper, we propose a novel approach that carefully combines active and passive measurements to localize faults in wireless sensor networks. More specifically, we formulate a problem of optimal sequential testing guided by end-to-end data. This(More)
Sox2 is a key factor for maintaining embryonic stem cell (ESS) pluripotency, but little is known about its posttranslational regulation. Here we present evidence that the precise level of Sox2 proteins in ESCs is regulated by a balanced methylation and phosphorylation switch. Set7 monomethylates Sox2 at K119, which inhibits Sox2 transcriptional activity and(More)
In this paper, we propose a classification scheme that differentiates Ethernet and WLAN TCP flows based on measurements collected passively at the edge of a network. This scheme computes two quantities, the fraction of wireless TCP flows and the degree of belief that a TCP flow traverses a WLAN inside the network, using an iterative Bayesian inference(More)
Ethernet, wireless LAN, ADSL, cable modem and dialup are common access networks, but have dramatically different characteristics. Fast and accurate classification of access network type can improve protocol or application performance significantly. In this paper, we propose a simple and efficient end-end scheme to classify the type of an access network into(More)