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Epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in China, 1990–2010: a systematic review and analysis
BACKGROUND China is increasingly facing the challenge of control of the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. We assessed the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia inExpand
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Randomized Controlled Trial of the Prevent— Teach—Reinforce (PTR) Tertiary Intervention for Students With Problem Behaviors
Although there is literature supporting the effectiveness of tertiary behavioral supports, the majority of the studies have been conducted with single-subject designs. The Prevent—Teach—ReinforceExpand
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The relationships between low levels of urine fluoride on children's intelligence, dental fluorosis in endemic fluorosis areas in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China.
There has been public concern about children's intellectual performance at high levels of fluoride exposure, but few studies provide data directly to the question of whether low fluoride exposureExpand
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Abusive supervision and workplace deviance: The mediating role of interactional justice and the moderating role of power distance.
This study replicates previous studies by examining the effects of abusive supervision on employee deviant behaviours in the Chinese organisational context. It extends the existing research ofExpand
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Opportunities and challenges in sustainable treatment and resource reuse of sewage sludge: A review
Abstract Sludge or waste activated sludge (WAS) generated from wastewater treatment plants may be considered a nuisance. It is a key source for secondary environmental contamination on account of theExpand
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General self-efficacy and the effect of hospital workplace violence on doctors’ stress and job satisfaction in China
ObjectivesThis study aims at exploring associations of general self-efficacy (GSE), workplace violence and doctors’ work-related attitudes.Material and MethodsIn this study a cross-sectional surveyExpand
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Employee choice of a high-deductible health plan across multiple employers.
OBJECTIVE To determine factors associated with selecting a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) rather than a preferred provider plan (PPO) and to examine switching and market segmentation afterExpand
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Review of China's wind power firms internationalization: Status quo, determinants, prospects and policy implications
In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese wind power firms have been going international in search of global market for development channels. By employing qualitative research and case studyExpand
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Engaging and Recruiting Counties in an Experiment on Implementing Evidence-based Practice in California
There is a growing consensus that implementation of evidence-based intervention and treatment models holds promise to improve the quality of services in child public service systems such as mentalExpand
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