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Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes
The reference human genome sequence set the stage for studies of genetic variation and its association with human disease, but epigenomic studies lack a similar reference. To address this need, theExpand
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Map-matching for low-sampling-rate GPS trajectories
Map-matching is the process of aligning a sequence of observed user positions with the road network on a digital map. It is a fundamental pre-processing step for many applications, such as movingExpand
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The Weather Research and Forecast Model: software architecture and performance [presentation]
The first non-beta release of the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) modeling system in May, 2004 represented a key milestone in the effort to design and implement a fullyfunctioning,Expand
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Dominant resource fairness in cloud computing systems with heterogeneous servers
We study the multi-resource allocation problem in cloud computing systems where the resource pool is constructed from a large number of heterogeneous servers, representing different points in theExpand
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Multi-Granularity Hierarchical Attention Fusion Networks for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering
This paper describes a novel hierarchical attention network for reading comprehension style question answering, which aims to answer questions for a given narrative paragraph. In the proposed method,Expand
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Dynamic Cloud Resource Reservation via Cloud Brokerage
Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds offer diverse pricing options, including on-demand and reserved instances with various discounts to attract different cloud users. A practical problem facing cloudExpand
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Towards Optimal Capacity Segmentation with Hybrid Cloud Pricing
Cloud resources are usually priced in multiple markets with different service guarantees. For example, Amazon EC2 prices virtual instances under three pricing schemes -- the subscription optionExpand
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Optimal Online Multi-Instance Acquisition in IaaS Clouds
Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds offer diverse instance purchasing options. A user can either run instances on demand and pay only for what it uses, or it can prepay to reserve instances forExpand
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Ask the Right Questions: Active Question Reformulation with Reinforcement Learning
We frame Question Answering (QA) as a Reinforcement Learning task, an approach that we call Active Question Answering. We propose an agent that sits between the user and a black box QA system andExpand
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LRC: Dependency-aware cache management for data analytics clusters
Memory caches are being aggressively used in today's data-parallel systems such as Spark, Tez, and Piccolo. However, prevalent systems employ rather simple cache management policies — notably theExpand
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