Wei Wang

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AIM To Characterize a new human lung cancer cell line Am1010, derived from drug-surviving cells (DSCs). METHODS The Am1010 cell line was established after 4 cycles of chemotherapy from an arm muscle metastatic tumor of a patient diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma. The cell line has been remained in continuous culture for more than one year during this(More)
Various per- and poly-fluorinated compounds (PFCs) were first systematically investigated in North Canal Basin, Beijing, China. A total of 68 surface water samples were collected from North Canal Basin, Beijing, at high spatial resolution. The seasonal disparity was compared and associated with source variation. PFCs concentrations in low-water period(More)
Recently, as social networking websites become increasingly ubiquitous, there is also a surge in academia to study their potential impacts on business practice. One strand of literature focuses on the public sentiment expressed through social media and how such sentiment shape business environment. Previous researches have proved that public sentiment on(More)
Quality-of-Service (QoS) provisioning plays a pivotal role in widespread deployment of new emerging services over the current Internet and is expected to be an indispensable attribute of future Internet. Though relevant progress has been made towards ensuring QoS, modeling and developing efficient algorithms for end-to-end QoS provisioning remain(More)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new imaging technique capable of obtaining high-resolution intravascular images and has been used in interventional cardiology. However, an application of OCT in pulmonary arteries had seldom been documented. In this case, OCT imaging is performed in peripheral pulmonary arteries and shows mural red thrombi.(More)
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