Wei Wang

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In real life applications, supercapacitors (SCs) often can only be used as part of a hybrid system together with other high energy storage devices due to their relatively lower energy density in comparison to other types of energy storage devices such as batteries and fuel cells. Increasing the energy density of SCs will have a huge impact on the(More)
Herein, SiO2 nanotubes have been fabricated via a facile two step hard-template growth method and evaluated as an anode for Li-ion batteries. SiO2 nanotubes exhibit a highly stable reversible capacity of 1266 mAhg(-1) after 100 cycles with negligible capacity fading. SiO2 NT anodes experience a capacity increase throughout the first 80 cycles through Si(More)
Herein, porous nano-silicon has been synthesized via a highly scalable heat scavenger-assisted magnesiothermic reduction of beach sand. This environmentally benign, highly abundant, and low cost SiO₂ source allows for production of nano-silicon at the industry level with excellent electrochemical performance as an anode material for Li-ion batteries. The(More)
Highly monodisperse porous silicon nanospheres (MPSSs) are synthesized via a simple and scalable hydrolysis process with subsequent surface-protected magnesiothermic reduction. The spherical nature of the MPSSs allows for a homogenous stress-strain distribution within the structure during lithiation and delithiation, which dramatically improves the(More)
—This paper presented a novel unconditional stable FDTD (US-FDTD) algorithm for solving the transient response of uniform or nonuniform multiconductor transmission line with arbitrary coupling status. Analytical proof of unconditional stability and detailed analysis of numerical dispersion are presented. The precise split-time-step scheme has been(More)
The context of the thesis work is the improvement of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for use with digital libraries. First, commonly used multimedia file formats and codecs are surveyed with the objective of identifying those formats that preserve speech quality while keeping file sizes compact. The main contribution of the work is a new technique for(More)
The paper applies MEKC technique to simultaneously carry out quantitative analysis of dairy product's mela-mine (Mel) and 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) bi-component. During quantization analytic experiment implementation process, it starts systematic research on operating voltage, electrophoretic buffer solution gravity and optimum pH value, additives'(More)
Na-ion batteries (NIBs) have attracted great attention for scalable electrical energy storage considering the abundance and wide availability of Na resources. However, it remains elusive whether carbon anodes can achieve the similar scale of successes in Na-ion batteries as in Li-ion batteries. Currently, much attention is focused on hard carbon while soft(More)
In the standard root multiple signal classification algorithm, the performance of direction of arrival estimation will reduce and even lose effect in circumstances that a low signal noise ratio and a small signals interval. By reconstructing and weighting the covariance matrix of received signal, the modified algorithm can provide more accurate estimation(More)