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The wireless sensor networks (WSN) is one of the most significant technologies in the 21st century. In recent years, achievements in micro-sensor technology and low-power electronics make WSN become realities in applications. In this paper, we propose a system for WSN based on environmental monitoring. The system can monitor several environmental parameters(More)
In practice, under communication bandwidth constraints, raw measurements are not generally sent to the fusion center. Therefore, it is a very real problem that how to generate correct decentralized estimation of target state and sensor systematic error when one use track outputs of multiple sensors without bias calibration to finish distributed fusion.(More)
Combined the advantage of Hopfield neural network and filled function method, a dynamic filled algorithm will be presented for constrainted global optimization of nonlinear programming. The algorithm contains two phases. The dynamic minimizing phase in which the dynamic minimizing system is used to find the local minimizer of the global optimization. And in(More)
—We propose a deep learning based method for super-resolution image reconstruction under the impact of noise. We will implement two different deep learning methods, simple convolutional neural networks and gen-erative adversarial networks, and evaluate and compare their performance with the basic super-resolution imaging taught in class with/wo additive(More)
Brittle material like ceramic and rock has the nature that it is hard to crack, but if it is to crack it will crack into not dangling pieces, but separate pieces whose boundaries are contours that link up positions of strong stress in a continuous and often smooth fashion. Image segmentation desires similar results: it is to partition the image so that each(More)
To achieve energy-saving and environmental protection, electrical heaters play an important role in the heating system in some northern regions of China. To achieve the centralized controlling and meet the different requirements of every heating unit, distributed control system that is applied to electrical heaters of public building is a better way to(More)