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With the Web 2.0 paradigm, a huge volume of Web content is generated by users at online forums, wikis, blogs, and social networks, among others. These user-contributed contents include numerous user opinions regarding products, services, or political issues. Among these user opinions, certain comparison opinions exist, reflecting customer preferences.(More)
Continuous motorization and urbanization around the globe leads to an expansion of population in major cities. Therefore, ever-growing pressure imposed on the existing mass transit systems calls for a better technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), to solve many new and demanding management issues. Many studies in the extant ITS literature(More)
Many information systems development companies are facing the question on how to apply agile methods in information systems maintenance (ISM). Performing correction of software defects in ISM inevitably degenerates program structure. On the other hand, agile methods provide refactoring to improve program structure without changing its behavior. This paper(More)
Sentiment analysis is widely adopted in studying various important topics in business intelligence. Though many studies reported interesting results by using machine learning, the lack of theoretic analysis and the shortage of practical guidance are hurdles of theory development. Besides, due to the difficulty in labelling data, the effectiveness of(More)
With the proliferation of its applications in various industries , sentiment analysis by using publicly available web data has become an active research area in text classification during these years. It is argued by researchers that semi-supervised learning is an effective approach to this problem since it is capable to mitigate the manual labeling effort(More)
Acquiring accurate and timely market share information is very important for producers to arrange producing plan and design marketing strategy. However the high cost and long period of collecting survey data in survey-based method make it much difficult to easily get latest market shares data. Recently, the emerging online web systems provide users with new(More)
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