Wei Wang

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Human action recognition based on the depth information provided by commodity depth sensors is an important yet challenging task. The noisy depth maps, different lengths of action sequences, and free styles in performing actions, may cause large intra-class variations. In this paper, a new framework based on sparse coding and temporal pyramid matching (TPM)(More)
—A situational awareness system is essential to provide accurate understanding of power system dynamics, such that proper actions can be taken in real time in response to system disturbances and to avoid cascading blackouts. Event analysis has been an important component in any situational awareness system. However, most state-of-the-art techniques can only(More)
Anomaly detection becomes increasingly important in hyper-spectral image analysis, since it can now uncover many material substances which were previously unresolved by multi-spectral sensors. In this paper, we propose a Low-rank Tensor Decomposition based anomaly Detection (LTDD) algorithm for Hyperspectral Imagery. The HSI data cube is first mod-eled as a(More)