Wei Wang

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In this paper, we present an object recognition and pose estimation framework consisting of a novel global object de-scriptor, so called Viewpoint oriented Color-Shape Histogram (VCSH), which combines object's color and shape information. During the phase of object modeling and feature extraction , the whole object's color point cloud model is built by(More)
Ahstract-Multiple people tracking is an important compo­ nent for different tasks such as video surveillance and human­ robot interaction. In this paper, a global optimization approach is proposed for long-term tracking of an a priori unknown num­ ber of targets, particularly aim to improve the robustness in case o�' comrle � interaction and mutual(More)
— An important prerequisite for intelligent robots to effectively perform daily tasks in indoor environments is an advanced environment model. Not only should this model contain metric level information about the geometry of the perceived environment, it should also provide abstract level information, such as topology and objects, so as to benefit high(More)
We present a hierarchical grid-based, globally optimal tracking-by-detection approach to track an unknown number of targets in complex and dense scenarios, particularly addressing the challenges of complex interaction and mutual occlusion. Frame-by-frame detection is performed by hierarchical likelihood grids, matching shape templates through a fast(More)
Real time human body motion estimation plays an important role in the perception for robotics nowadays, especially for the applications of human robot interaction and service robotics. In this paper, we propose a method for real-time 3D human body motion estimation based on 3-layer laser scans. All the useful scanned points, presenting the human body(More)
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