Wei Wang

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Many emerging applications drive the needs of device-free localization (DfL), in which the target can be localized without any device attached. Because of the ubiquitousness of WiFi infrastructures nowadays, the widely available Received Signal Strength (RSS) information at the WiFi Access points are commonly employed for localization purposes. However,(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been applied to many long-term monitoring applications like pipeline monitoring and water quality monitoring. However, current WSNs based traditional Geographic Opportunistic Routing (GOR) only focus on the straight regular area, but when comes to the curve strip network, GOR will lose the packet and have a high energy(More)
Recent advances in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and wireless charging technologies have made it practical to introduce a mobile node into Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). This mobile node with sink ability or charging equipment on it can travel around the entire network to gather data from isolate sensor nodes or charge the nodes wirelessly. This can help(More)