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We describe the design, implementation, and evaluation of EMBERS, an automated, 24x7 continuous system for forecasting civil unrest across 10 countries of Latin America using open source indicators such as tweets, news sources, blogs, economic indicators, and other data sources. Unlike retrospective studies, EMBERS has been making forecasts into the future(More)
Financial markets are quite sensitive to unanticipated news and events. Identifying the effect of news on the market is a challenging task. In this demo, we present Forex-foreteller (FF) which mines news articles and makes forecasts about the movement of foreign currency markets. The system uses a combination of language models, topic clustering, and(More)
Infectious disease epidemics such as influenza and Ebola pose a serious threat to global public health. It is crucial to characterize the disease and the evolution of the ongoing epidemic efficiently and accurately. Computational epidemiology can model the disease progress and underlying contact network, but suffers from the lack of real-time and(More)
A LED control system is presented. The brightness and color temperature of the lamp are adjustable. The system composition and design of hardware and software are given. The infrared signal is sent by an infrared remote controller. A STC-MCU is used to process the infrared information and generate PWM signals which can adjust the brightness of the white LED(More)
As a surrogate data source for many real-world phenomena, social media such as Twitter can yield key insight into people's behavior and their group affiliations and memberships. As an event unfolds on Twitter, the language, hashtags, and vocabulary used to describe it evolves over time, so that it is difficult to a priori capture the composition of a social(More)
complies with the regulation of the University and meets the accepted standards with respect to originality and quality. Abstract Heuristics for Message Broadcasting in Arbitrary Network With the increasing popularity of interconnection networks, efficient information dissemination has become a popular research area. Broadcasting is one of the information(More)
1 T here have been serious efforts over the past 40 years to use newspaper articles to create global-scale databases of events occurring in every corner of the world, to help understand and shape responses to global problems. Although most have been limited by the technology of the time (1) [see supplementary materials (SM)], two recent groundbreaking(More)
Automated spatiotemporal and semantic information extraction for hazards." PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis, ii To everyone who has supported and helped me over the years. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It has been a long journey since I started my Ph.D. study at the University of Iowa. During the six years, I received many supports from my adviser, professors, my(More)
State-of-the-art event encoding approaches rely on sentence or phrase level labeling, which are both time consuming and infeasible to extend to large scale text corpora and emerging domains. Using a multiple instance learning approach, we take advantage of the fact that while labels at the sentence level are difficult to obtain, they are relatively easy to(More)