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—The Mining Software Repositories (MSR) research community has grown significantly since the first MSR workshop was held in 2004. As the community continues to broaden its scope and deepens its expertise, it is worthwhile to reflect on the best practices that our community has developed over the past decade of research. We identify these best practices by(More)
—Software frameworks provide sets of generic func-tionalities that can be later customized for a specific task. When developers invoke API methods in a framework, they often encounter obstacles in finding the correct usage of the API, let alone to employ best practices. Previous research addresses this line of questions by mining API usage patterns to(More)
—API design is known to be a challenging craft, as API designers must balance their elegant ideals against " real-world " concerns, such as utility, performance, backwards compatibility, and unforeseen emergent uses. However, to date, there is no principled method to collect or analyze API usability information that incorporates input from typical(More)
Cloning might seems to be an unconventional way of designing and developing software, yet it is very widely practised in industrial development. The cloning research community has made substantial progress on modeling, detecting, and analyzing software clones. Although there is continuing discussion on the real role of clones on software quality, our(More)
—Developers know that copy-pasting code (aka code cloning) is often a convenient shortcut to achieving a design goal, albeit one that carries risks to the code quality over time. However, deciding which, if any, clones should be eliminated within an existing system is a daunting task. " Fixing " a clone usually means performing an invasive refactoring, and(More)
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