Wei Wang

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—In 2010 Gentry and Halevi presented the first FHE implementation. FHE allows the evaluation of arbitrary functions directly on encrypted data on untrusted servers. However, even for the small setting with 2,048 dimensions, the authors reported a performance of 1.8 seconds for a single bit encryption and 32 seconds for recryption on a high end server. Much(More)
Hearing Loss is one of the three most common chronic conditions among the elderly. In many cases, an individuals hearing is only impaired at certain (not all) frequencies. Analog hearing aids boost all sound frequencies equally including frequencies in which the individuals hearing is good, causing discomfort to the user. Digital hearing aids can amplify(More)
—Modular multiplication is the most crucial component in RSA cryptosystem. In this paper, we present a new modular multiplication architecture using the Strassen multiplication algorithm and Montgomery reduction. The architecture is different from the interleaved version of Montgomery multiplication traditionally used in RSA design. By selecting different(More)
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