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BACKGROUND China is increasingly facing the challenge of control of the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. We assessed the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in China between 1990, and 2010, to improve estimates of the burden of disease, analyse time trends, and inform health policy decisions relevant to China's(More)
We use credit default swaps (CDS) trading data to demonstrate that the credit risk of reference firms, reflected in rating downgrades and bankruptcies, increases significantly upon the inception of CDS trading, a finding that is robust after controlling for the endogeneity of CDS trading. Additionally, distressed firms are more likely to file for bankruptcy(More)
The number of patients with intractable epilepsy undergoing surgical management in China is increasing rapidly. We retrospectively reviewed 435 consecutive cases of intractable epilepsy receiving surgical resection from 2005 to 2008 in our hospital, looking specifically at the neuropathological findings. The three most common causes of intractable epilepsy(More)
BACKGROUND An intermediate endpoint is hypothesized to be in the middle of the causal sequence relating an independent variable to a dependent variable. The intermediate variable is also called a surrogate or mediating variable and the corresponding effect is called the mediated, surrogate endpoint, or intermediate endpoint effect. Clinical studies are(More)
Histone acetylation/deacetylation is a crucial mechanism in memory formation and drug addiction. There is evidence suggesting that histone H3 acetylation may contribute to the long-term neural and behavioral responses to addictive drugs. In addition, the basolateral amygdala (BLA) is critically involved in the formation of cue-associated memories. However,(More)
This study examined correlates of early adolescent alcohol and drug use in a community sample of 217 eighth-grade adolescents with behavior problems and from Hispanic/Latino immigrant families. Structural equation modeling was used to examine relationships of multiple contexts (e.g., family, school, and peers) to alcohol and drug use. Results suggest that(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate prevalence and associated factors for myopia in high school students in Beijing. METHODS Grade 10 and 11 high school students were randomly selected from nine randomly selected districts of Beijing. The students underwent non-cylcoplegic auto-refractometry and an interview. RESULTS Out of 4798 eligible students, 4677 (93.4%) students(More)
BACKGROUND As the age of a population increases, so too does the rate of disability. In addition, disability is likely to be more common in rural compared with urban areas. The present study aimed to examine the influence of rapid population changes in terms of age and rural/urban residence on the prevalence of disability. METHODS Data from the 1987 and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The line bisection error to the left of the true center has been interpreted as a relative right hemisphere activation, which might relate to the subject's emotional state. Considering that patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or treatment-resistant depression (TRD) often have negative emotions, we hypothesized that(More)