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Human actions can be represented by the trajectories of skeleton joints. Traditional methods generally model the spatial structure and temporal dynamics of human skeleton with hand-crafted features and recognize human actions by well-designed classifiers. In this paper, considering that recurrent neural network (RNN) can model the long-term con-textual(More)
Cross-modal matching has recently drawn much attention due to the widespread existence of multimodal data. It aims to match data from different modalities, and generally involves two basic problems: the measure of relevance and coupled feature selection. Most previous works mainly focus on solving the first problem. In this paper, we propose a novel coupled(More)
In this paper, we propose a passive image tampering detection method based on modeling edge information. We model the edge image of image chroma component as a finite-state Markov chain and extract low dimensional feature vector from its stationary distribution for tampering detection. The support vector machine (SVM) is utilized as classifier to evaluate(More)
In this paper, we focus on detecting data hiding in motion vectors of compressed video and propose a new steganalytic algorithm based on the mutual constraints of motion vectors. The constraints of motion vectors from multiple frames are analyzed and formulized by three functions, then statistical features are extracted based on these functions. Moreover,(More)
In this paper, a simple but efficient approach for blind image splicing detection is proposed. Image splicing is a common and fundamental operation used for image forgery. The detection of image splicing is a preliminary but desirable study for image forensics. Passive detection approaches of image splicing are usually regarded as pattern recognition(More)
With the availability of various digital image edit tools, seeing is no longer believing. In this paper, we focus on tampered region localization for image forensics. We propose an algorithm which can locate tampered region(s) in a lossless compressed tampered image when its unchanged region is output of JPEG decompressor. We find the tampered region and(More)