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Principal component analysis (PCA) is a statistical technique that has been used for data analysis and dimensionality reduction. It was introduced as a network traffic anomaly detection technique firstly in [1]. Since then, a lot of research attention has been received, which results in an extensive analysis and several extensions. In [2], the sensitivity(More)
—This work discuses a novel algorithm for joint sparse estimation of superimposed signals and their parameters. The proposed method is based on two concepts: a variational Bayesian version of the incremental sparse Bayesian learning (SBL)– fast variational SBL – and a variational Bayesian approach for parameter estimation of superimposed signal models. Both(More)
A LED control system is presented. The brightness and color temperature of the lamp are adjustable. The system composition and design of hardware and software are given. The infrared signal is sent by an infrared remote controller. A STC-MCU is used to process the infrared information and generate PWM signals which can adjust the brightness of the white LED(More)
This paper introduced the character and focused control strategy for Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. According to all electric range control strategy, a model of series Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle was built, which was used for simulation and study. The energy consumption and cost were compared to tradition series hybrid electric vehicle. The result(More)
How to remove cloud and shadow completely through several (more than 2) images is considered in this paper. Based on landsat5 data, when enter several images, it can automatically find one image with the least cloud and shadow as the base image. Then mosaic with other images which are taken in different time for the same area, an image without any cloud and(More)