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Principal component analysis (PCA) is a statistical technique that has been used for data analysis and dimensionality reduction. It was introduced as a network traffic anomaly detection technique firstly in [1]. Since then, a lot of research attention has been received, which results in an extensive analysis and several extensions. In [2], the sensitivity(More)
We report microbially facilitated synthesis of cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanostructured particles (NP) using anaerobic, metal-reducing Thermoanaerobacter sp. The extracellular CdS crystallites were <10 nm in size with yields of ~3 g/L of growth medium/month with demonstrated reproducibility and scalability up to 24 L. During synthesis, Thermoanaerobacter(More)
A sputtered oxide layer enabled by a solution-processed oxide nanoparticle buffer layer to protect underlying layers is used to make semi-transparent perovskite solar cells. Single-junction semi-transparent cells are 12.3% efficient, and mechanically stacked tandems on silicon solar cells are 18.0% efficient. The semi-transparent perovskite solar cell has a(More)
Absorption of radiocesium (137Cs and 134Cs) through bark, and its subsequent translocation into wood and needles, has been suggested as a potential source of tree contamination, but the process is not well understood. Field experiments were conducted to confirm whether Cs could enter a Japanese cedar tree through the bark and how Cs moves within a tree.(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a novel amorphous solid dispersion system for tectorigenin (TG). TG is one of isoflavone aglycones extracted from Iris tectorum and flowers of Pueraria thunbergiana, but its poor water solubility and low membrane permeability have severely restricted the clinical application. To increase the aqueous(More)
1 This paper proposed an integrated map matching algorithm for freeway network traffic 2 monitoring system using GPS probe data. The algorithm is novel in three aspects. First, it is 3 designed to map massive GPS positioning points in a large-scale traffic network for the 4 purpose of dynamic traffic state monitoring, while most the existing map matching 5(More)