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This study examines motor cortical representation of hand position and its relationship to the representation of hand velocity during reaching movements. In all, 978 motor cortical neurons were recorded from the proximal arm area of rostral motor cortex. The results demonstrate that position and velocity are simultaneously encoded by single motor cortical(More)
Since the one-child policy was implemented in China in 1979, many investigators have studied the psychological consequences to children without siblings. Although the results are not conclusive, there is evidence that children who have siblings, rather than only children, have increased anxiety and depression. Whether the differences between students with(More)
In this paper, intracortical local field potentials (LFPs) and single units were recorded from the motor cortices of monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) while they preformed a standard three-dimensional (3-D) center-out reaching task. During the center-out task, the subjects held their hands at the location of a central target and then reached to one of eight(More)
INTRODUCTION Normal line bisection deviation to the left of the true centre has been interpreted as resulting from relative right hemisphere activation. Right hemisphere involvement has also been associated with the problems in dependency and attachment from infancy to adulthood. This hemispheric association predicts that patients diagnosed with dependent(More)
Although abnormal personality traits have been frequently reported in patients with primary headaches, the overlaps between these domains need a clear standard definition, for example, by a five-factor personality model. Moreover, personality abnormalities in patients with episodic tension-type headache (ETH) and migraine with aura (MA) are less well(More)
Migraine sufferers have abnormal cerebral information processing and personality disorders, post-traumatic headache sufferers also have some personality changes. We therefore, studied intensity dependence of auditory evoked potentials, Plutchik-van Praag's depression inventory, Zuckerman's sensation seeking scales and Zuckerman-Kuhlman's personality(More)
Migraine sufferers potentiate their visual evoked potentials (VEPs) from a short period of 2 min to a longer period of 15 min. As a lack of habituation is linked to higher level arousal, we thus hypothesized that short-term VEP potentiation might be correlated with an arousal-related personality trait. We therefore carried out short-term VEPs, Plutchik-van(More)
Previous studies have shown that hand translation is well represented by neuronal activity in the proximal arm area of primary motor cortex (M1). However, little is known about cortical representation of hand rotation in M1. In this study, single-unit activity was recorded from monkeys while they performed a "center-out with rotation" task. When reaching(More)
A single auditory stimulus in a passive ignore condition elicits a P3 potential (passive P3) that shares similar morphology with the classical P3 (P300 or P3b) in the active auditory 'oddball' paradigm. Since the classical P3 is correlated with introversion, anxiety, or sensation seeking, it was hypothesized that the passive P3 is correlated with sensation(More)