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Tumor maintenance relies on continued activity of driver oncogenes, although their rate-limiting role is highly context dependent. Oncogenic Kras mutation is the signature event in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), serving a critical role in tumor initiation. Here, an inducible Kras(G12D)-driven PDAC mouse model establishes that advanced PDAC remains(More)
Most multi-document summarization systems follow the extractive framework based on various features. While more and more sophisticated features are designed, the reasonable combination of features becomes a challenge. Usually the features are combined by a linear function whose weights are tuned manually. In this task, Support Vector Regression (SVR) model(More)
To determine the role of telomere dysfunction and telomerase reactivation in generating pro-oncogenic genomic events and in carcinoma progression, an inducible telomerase reverse transcriptase (mTert) allele was crossed onto a prostate cancer-prone mouse model null for Pten and p53 tumor suppressors. Constitutive telomerase deficiency and associated(More)
It is a fundamental and important task to extract key phrases from documents. Generally, phrases in a document are not independent in delivering the content of the document. In order to capture and make better use of their relationships in key phrase extraction, we suggest exploring the Wikipedia knowledge to model a document as a semantic network, where(More)
Graph based sentence ranking algorithms such as PageRank and HITS have been successfully used in query-oriented summarization. With these algorithms, the documents to be summarized are often modeled as a text graph where nodes represent sentences and edges represent pairwise similarity relationships between two sentences. A deficiency of conventional graph(More)
Trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12 CLA) reduces triglyceride (TG) levels in adipocytes through multiple pathways, with AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) generally facilitating, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) generally opposing these reductions. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), a histone/protein deacetylase that affects energy(More)
We address the problem of unsupervised ensemble ranking in this paper. Traditional approaches either combine multiple ranking criteria into a unified representation to obtain an overall ranking score or to utilize certain rank fusion or aggregation techniques to combine the ranking results. Beyond the aforementioned <i>combine-then-rank</i> and(More)
The update task of multi-document summarization aims at automatically generating the summaries of some event developing with time going. Based on our previous system of multi-document summarization, we summarize the document sets with or without history. In our previous system, the design of features is the important part. Here, in order to adapt to the(More)