Wei Wang

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We consider a path-following problem in which the goal is to ensure that the error between the system output and the geometric path be asymptotically less than a prespecified constant, while guaranteeing a forward motion along the path and boundedness of all states. A solution to this problem was given in [12] for a class of nonlinear systems and for paths(More)
We consider the averaging method for stability of rapidly switching linear systems with disturbances. We show that the notions of strong and weak averages proposed in [1], with partial strong average defined in this paper, play an important role in the context of switched systems. Using these notions of average, we show that exponential ISS of the strong(More)
The credit rating system for bank customers is based on J2EE technology architecture, is designed from the data sources, customers rating, approval rating and safety management and other aspects. In the paper, we describes the construction of bank customers in the background of credit rating system which is discussed in detail the application of Client/Web(More)
complies with the regulation of the University and meets the accepted standards with respect to originality and quality. Abstract Heuristics for Message Broadcasting in Arbitrary Network With the increasing popularity of interconnection networks, efficient information dissemination has become a popular research area. Broadcasting is one of the information(More)
Automated spatiotemporal and semantic information extraction for hazards." PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis, ii To everyone who has supported and helped me over the years. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It has been a long journey since I started my Ph.D. study at the University of Iowa. During the six years, I received many supports from my adviser, professors, my(More)
(or sampling) variable of a line parameterization must be a uniform one. Since in any real implementation, only a limited number of straight lines, say M, is assumed to go through a given image point, not a theoretically infinitely large number of straight lines could, the uniformness condition in this case is to say that the intersection angle between any(More)