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We consider the averaging method for stability of rapidly switching linear systems with disturbances. We show that the notions of strong and weak averages proposed in [1], with partial strong average defined in this paper, play an important role in the context of switched systems. Using these notions of average, we show that exponential ISS of the strong(More)
We consider a path-following problem in which the goal is to ensure that the error between the system output and the geometric path be asymptotically less than a prespecified constant, while guaranteeing a forward motion along the path and boundedness of all states. A solution to this problem was given in [12] for a class of nonlinear systems and for paths(More)
We investigate the emulation controller design approach for nonlinear networked control systems (NCS) with FlexRay. FlexRay<lb>is a deterministic communication protocol which is increasingly used in the automotive industry as it provides a high bandwidth<lb>and allows for safety critical applications. It is characterized by pre-set communication cycles that(More)
A new approach to a simple disjunctive decomposition of a Boolean function is presented. It is based on using symmetric relations among a function's variables to recognize intrinsic characteristics of the function. The conditions for the existence of a simple disjunctive decomposition are formulated and a hierarchical simple disjunctive decomposition is(More)
We investigate the scenario where a controller communicates with a plant at discrete time instants generated by an event-triggering mechanism. In particular, the latter collects sampled data from the plant and the controller at each sampling instant, and then decides whether the control input needs to be updated, leading to periodic event-triggered control(More)
We design state observers for nonlinear networked control systems (NCS) implemented over FlexRay. FlexRay is a communication protocol used in the automotive industry, which has the feature to switch between two scheduling rules during its communication cycles. These switches induce technical difficulties when modeling, designing and analyzing observers for(More)
We design stabilizing controllers for nonlinear networked control systems (NCS) whose transmissions are scheduled by FlexRay. FlexRay protocol has been developed by the automotive industry to provide high bandwidth and deterministic communications. It works with communication cycles which consist of a static segment and a dynamic segment during which(More)
A novel digital watermark algorithm, based on fractional calculus and wavelet transform, is proposed in this paper. It makes full use of the characteristic of the high sensitive fractional order. The algorithm makes sinusoidal signal by fractional Cauchy formula with two differential orders. The sampled signals of the differential signals were superimposed(More)