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— Closeness centrality is a basic centrality measure that characterizes how centrally located a node is, within a network, based on its distances to all other nodes. In this paper, we address the distributed computation of two variants of this measure, known as classic closeness and exponential closeness, which differ in how the distances are taken into(More)
Background. Acute carbon monoxide poisoning (ACOP) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in many countries. Twelve Hand Jing Points (THJP) have been believed to be effective to treat all kinds of emergency calls in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for more than 3000 years. This randomized controlled trial (RCT) is designed to evaluate the(More)
A novel Z-source dual-bridge matrix converter (ZSDBMC) topology and its control strategy are proposed to overcome two main drawbacks of conventional matrix converters: low immunity to abnormal input voltage disturbance and low voltage transfer ratio. The boost voltage characteristic of Z-source network is utilized to improve the system voltage transfer(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the distribution characteristics of language areas in Chinese-English non-fluent late bilinguals. METHODS Six Chinese-English bilinguals with eloquent tumors underwent awake-surgeries. The activated areas of BOLD-fMRI were obtained as the patients performed pure naming, verb generation, and abstract/concrete judgment tasks. Direct(More)
Betweenness centrality is a fundamental centrality measure that quantifies how important a node or an edge is, within a network, based on how often it lies on the shortest paths between all pairs of nodes. In this paper, we develop a scalable distributed algorithm, which enables every node in a network to estimate its own betweenness and the betweenness of(More)
In this paper, we develop a wavelet collocation method with multi-companding for behavioral modeling of analog circuits. In the multi-companding procedure, the nonlinear companding algorithm is developed to control the error distribution continuously, while the adaptive scheme is employed to reduce the number of used wavelets. Consequently, the proposed(More)
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