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The Internet of Things (IoT) allows physical objects to be connected on the Internet. Objects in the IoT have identities, attributes and personalities in the virtual world. These objects are integrated together using intelligent interfaces. The IoT has a lot of challenges and issues that require further research before achieving a global scale. This paper(More)
Now all kinds of 3D virtual worlds have been popular on Internet, but due to gigantic data of virtual scenes and limit network bandwidth, traditional Client/Server based downloading scheme has been bottleneck for a user to construct local virtual worlds swiftly. This paper proposes a parallel delivery scheme for large scale virtual scenes in a two-layer(More)
We use linear criterion instead of standard quadratic criterion to improve the computational performance. The infinite horizon cost and terminal constraint is constructed to grantee the stability. We formulate the proposed RMPC which solves a linear program at each time, so a computation advantage is achieved without losing the performance even when the(More)
With streaming media services are widely used on Internet, the users of video on demand (VOD) increased rapidly, so there are more demands on quality of service (QoS) of streaming media data transmission. To guarantee the quality of real-time transmission for streaming media data, M-RSVP has been designed on the application layer of OSI model by RSVP(More)
The envisioned 6A Connectivity of the future Internet of Things (IoT) aims to allow people and objects to be connected anytime, anyplace, with anything and anyone, using any path/network and any service. Due to diverse resources, incompatible standards and communication patterns, the current IoT is constrained to specific devices, platforms, networks and(More)
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