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There are large numbers of high-rise buildings with glass curtain walls that require constant cleaning and is carried out using permanent gondola systems. This is a laborious and dangerous work in midair. Due to a lack of uniform building structure, wall cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings is becoming one of the most appropriate fields for(More)
BACKGROUND Pretreatment is a key step to decrease the recalcitrance of lignocelluloses and then increase the digestibility of cellulose in second-generation bioethanol production. In this study, wood chips from triploid poplar were biopretreated with white rot fungus Trametes velutina D10149. The effects of incubation duration on delignification efficiency(More)
This paper presents a novel mobile robot for urban search and rescue based on reconfiguration. The system consists of three identical modules; actually each module is an entire robotic system that can perform distributed activities. To achieve highly adaptive locomotion capabilities, the robot's serial and parallel mechanisms form an active joint, enabling(More)
The robustness of obstacle avoidance algorithm is one of the important factors to successful applications of mobile robot systems. The sonar ring is used widely for autonomous mobile robot obstacle avoidance. This paper first analyzes the robustness of the existing obstacle avoidance algorithms based on sonar ring, indicates that the certainty grid method(More)
Based on the vermicular motion of the pine caterpillar and inchworm, this paper presents two novel module climbing caterpillar kinematics models. The analysis of the valid gaits and climbing safety of them indicates the differences of two models. The pine caterpillar model with all active joints has the disadvantage of introducing the redundant actuating to(More)
Reconfigurable robots consist of many modules which are able to change the way they are connected. As a result, the robots have the capability of adopting different configurations to match various tasks and suit complex environments. This paper presents a novel field robot named JL-I which consists of three uniform modules. With the docking mechanisms, the(More)
In this paper, we propose a locomotion control algorithm for a climbing worm robot based on neural oscillator network (NON). According to the structure and locomotion feature of the climbing worm robot, the trapezoidal wave gait and triangular wave gait are defined. Then the cyclic inhibitory central pattern generator (CPG) model and mutual inhibitory CPG(More)
Autonomous docking is an essential capability for self-reconfigurable robots. In this paper, a measurement system based on ultrasonic sensors for measuring distance between two mobile modules is firstly introduced. Then, triangle localization arithmetic for measuring the relative position/orientation between two mobile modules to implement docking is(More)