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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effective dose and the possible mechanism of the anti-fatigue effect of ginsenosides and then deduce to the recommended intake of human body. METHODS Healthy adult male SD rats intook ginsenosides solution every day through stomach at doses of 50, 150, 250 mg/kg per day, other rats were divided into untreated group and model(More)
A graph G is r-equitably k-colorable if its vertex set can be partitioned into k independent sets, any two of which differ in size by at most r. The r-equitable chromatic threshold of a graph G, denoted by χ * r= (G), is the minimum k such that G is r-equitably k ′-colorable for all k ′ ≥ k. Let G × H denote the Kronecker product of graphs G and H. In this(More)
A new indicator reaction based on the interaction of sodium sulfide reducing properties with methylene blue in cetyltrimethylammonium bromide pH 3.8 acetic acid buffer solution was put forward to determine micro amount of tellurium. The effect of concentration of reaction substances, acidity, interfering ions etc. on the analytical results was studied. The(More)
In this paper, we propose an adaptive congestion control scheme that consists of base station algorithm and mobile algorithm. This paper focuses on scenario in which all mobiles are best-effort data users except real-time voice mobiles. With the proposed scheme, all data mobiles simultaneously adjust their rates in a deterministic manner according to the(More)