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ü üLive data migration is an important technique for key-value stores.However,due tothe stateful feature, new virtualization technology, stringent low latency requirements and unexpected workload changes,key-value stores deployed in cloud environment have to face new challenges for data migration: effects of VM interference, and the need to trade off(More)
As one database offloading strategy, elastic key-value stores are often introduced to speed up the application performance with dynamic scalability. Since the workload is varied, efficient data migration with minimal impact in service is critical for the issue of elasticity and scalability. However, due to the new virtualization technology, real-time and(More)
—E-commerce systems are typically QoS-sensitive, so QoS-oriented tunings of e-commerce servers are very important for such systems. However, existing e-commerce benchmarks are insufficient for supporting QoS-oriented tunings, because some critical QoS features of e-commerce systems cannot be precisely evaluated by them. One example of these features is the(More)